Duality of Presence

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This project is a collaboration of two American Professors of Jewelry and Metals curating an exhibition of American contemporary art jewelry to take place at the Super + CENTERCOURT Gallery in Munich, Germany during the annual International Exposition of Trades and Crafts (Handwerksmesse) and the internationally renowned exhibition, Munich Jewelry Week / Schmuck 2017.

 Seventeen prominent contemporary art jewelers have been invited to participate along with the two organizers in Duality of Presence an exhibition that explores a movement in American contemporary jewelry and object making where artists aim to reveal hidden narratives through material, format, presentation, and interaction. The works reveal and question histories, lineage, conveyance, and supply chain to expand and contract possible contexts of meaning. In virtual reality a ‘duality of presence’ refers to the user’s ability to be present in both their own reality and another, via technology. This duality of presence highlights a specific approach in American making where artists explore both visible and veiled contexts through material, connecting the objects we make to a multiplicity of perspectives generated by these connections. This exhibition suggests and demonstrates that material specificity conjures both the reality in front of us, and others – at a distance. To be simultaneously viewing the artwork in the gallery, but also be transported by the materials story provides insight to our relationships with objects, materials, and histories through materiality, research, and making.


Exhibiting artist include:  Jessica Anderson, Lynn Batchelder, Thea Clark, Nikki Couppee, Motoko Furuhashi, Steven Gordon Holman, Alexandra Hopp, Masumi Kataoka, Joshua Kosker, Tova Lund, Sharon Massey, Jaydan Moore, Wei Lah Poh, Kerianne Quick, Kaiya Rainbolt, Yumi Janairo Roth, Jina Seo, Demitra Thomloudis, and Jess Tolbert. 

Cyrosphere So Blue

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Velvet Da Vinci is pleased to present Thea Clark’s Cryosphere So Blue, a site-specific installation in the gallery’s two-story elevator shaft. The show will run May 11 – 26, 2016. An Artist’s Reception will take place Friday, May 13, 2016, from 6-8pm.


The term cryosphere refers to the frozen water on the earth’s surface. The installation is inspired by the work of pioneering female Arctic explorer Louise A. Boyd of San Rafael, California who in the 1930’s conducted numerous expeditions to Eastern Greenland to do research on glaciers and geography. Boyd’s work included documenting the landscapes with hundreds of photographs made using state of the art cameras. Her collective research from over 80 years ago is still used today as a reference point for climate change studies.

Boyd’s black and white images capture amazing surface detail but we know the true glowing blues of icebergs and glaciers were only possible to see in person. Thea Clark’s sculpture and jewelry installation is influenced by these captured images, Boyd’s actual seen experience, documented scientific findings, and the nautical aspect of the exploration. Through the use of color, texture, and materials Clark pays homage to the natural wonder of the Arctic. Clark focuses on the pioneering spirit of Boyd through the lens of today’s knowledge of man’s responsibility for the rapid loss of our cryosphere.

February 24- March 1, "New Work From the New World"

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In coordination with Schmuck 2016, Munich Germany at Galerie Biro represented by Jewelers Werk Galerie (Washington DC)

" Galerie Biro in Kooperation mit Jewelers Werk, Washington DC, "New Work
from the New World",Thea Clark, Rebekah Frank and Iris Eichenberg, Missy Graff, Lisa Gralnick, Mielle Harvey, Darcy Miro, Edgar Mosa, Carolanne Patterson, Sharon Portelance, Sayumi Yokouchi, Jonathan Wahl, zu Gast in der Galerie Jordanow, Zieblandstr. 19, 80799
München, 24.-28.2., 11-19h"

Opening "Guide Ropes and Live Wires"

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Sunday January 31 2-4 pm, 2016

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ 07901

Main Gallery and Mitzi & Warren Eisenberg Gallery

This special exhibition showcases a wide range of visual practices and features work by thirty nine of the Art Center's talented faculty. Students will see their mentors put theory into practice and all will be inspired by their ingenuity and creative vision.

Artist Talk, The (Not) So Secret Life of Plants

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Curator Tour & Artist Talk with Thea Clark

Tuesday, November 10, 10-11am

Paul Robeson Galleries - Main Gallery

350 Dr Martin Luther King Blvd

Newark, NJ 07102


  Join us for a curator tour of "The (Not So) Secret Life of Plants," led by Director/Curator Anonda Bell and followed by an artist talk and Q&A with artist Thea Clark.

New Jersey artist Thea Clark works in installation, photography, cyanotype, and mixed media to engage ideas on identity, gender, and how humans interact with the world around them.  She writes, "My two most recent bodies of work have been a response to the pressures of human forces on the natural environment and the pushback of the natural environment impacting our built one."  


The (Not) So Secret Life of Plants

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2015 The (Not) So secret Life of Plants, group show in the Paul Robeson Gallery, Rutgers University , Newark, curated by Anonda Bell, catalog.

Sep 01, 2015 - Dec 17, 2015
Main Gallery

Opening reception Thursday, September 10, 5-7pm

Plants are the foundation on which most visible life on the planet exists.  They are under stress, with diminishing natural environments and the very real possibility that many plants may become extinct even before humans are aware of their existence.  This exhibition will explore the nature of plants and how humans interact with them, from the forest to the home.

Artists in this exhibition: Thea Clark, John Edmark, Dana Fritz, Jim Jacobs, Ming-Jer Kuo, Jessica Lagunas, Sam Metcalf, Lina Puerta, Lindsay M. Robbins, Martina Shenal, Linda Stillman, Adam Swart, Yeon Ji Yoo, Rachel Yurkovich.


The Main Gallery located in the Robeson Campus Center, 350 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard (corner of MLK and Bleeker Street), Newark, New Jersey.


Monday-Thursday, 8am-10pm
Friday, 8am-8pm
Saturday, 11am-7pm

New Group Exhibition, "Thou Art Mom", NJ

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Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ


Thou Art Mom

September 18 - October 18, 2014

Thou Art Mom

Thou Art Mom is an exploration of motherhood and creativity, and how the two influence one another. For many women the decision to have a child is fraught with conflict about what it will require them to give up and how it will change their identity. Never is this conflict more acute than for women who are artists and often already juggling many aspects of their personal and professional lives. Curated by Susan Evans Grove

Thursday, September 18- Saturday, October 18

Opening: Thursday, September 18, 7-9pm

Lost in Living Screening and Panel Discussion: Thursday Oct 2, 7pm

VImeo Interview with Thea Clark